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Звезда рука и сердце

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Комментарии Комментарий от scoOby За квест дают опыта. Комментарий от Tooki Как обячно опечатка при переводе! Комментарий от viking77 да действительно первый боссов найти легко они просто ходят на свои местах а вот Дагун с рукой Комментарий от Nokturne Рука - Пылевые Топи, Зловещий берег Комментарий от Shagrat25 Зачарованые морские водоросли выбиваются из моба " Оракул из племени болотного плавника ".

Находятся они на небольшом островке 58,7 10 в Болотных топях на Зловещем берегу. После того как выбили водоросли подходим к алтарю посередине этого островка "обточенный морем алтарь" и рядом с ним применяем водоросли. Из воды должен выйти Дагун Ненасытный в течение секунд, это гигант 43 уровня, элита. С него и выпадает необходимая для квеста Рука Дагуна. Комментарий от Dracone хз у мкня дагон был 43лвл 8к хп. Комментарий от Tigrek Водоросли упали моба с го..

Комментарий от Martik10 действительно очень маленький дроп. Комментарий от Buga0 водоросли выпали с 77 оракула. Комментарий от dazm Рука выпала с 7го оракула: Комментарии Комментарий от ravenark The items drop off the following mobs: He starts in the Town hall, but I found him just inside the castle door off to the left.

Mogh the Undying - Stranglethorn Vale - 48,44 This mob is located at 48,44 with two other mobs as bodyguards. He has a regeneration of his health which makes him so hard, so remember to bring heavy DPS. Dagon the Ravenous - Dustwallow Marsh - 59, 9 Roam around the island searching for a Mirefin Oracle on the outer edge, You need to kill Mirefin Oracles to get the piece of Kelp required to summon Dagon the Ravenous.

When you place the Kelp inside an altar at the coordinates, Dagon comes out of the water and onto the beach. Комментарий от Gardener Seriously, though Комментарий от truhorde although the mobs around the ruins of alterac are no longer elite grel is still a lvl 39 elite at 3.

Комментарий от belovedangel i found grel in the ruins and yes he is a 39 elite. Комментарий от Krissypoo ok from what i read i dont understand this crap at all Комментарий от CrazyCanuckEh I have fought Grel the Miser several times and he spawns inside the castle, wanders out towards the town hall and back again. Last time I fought him, he was not elite and was able to kill him around lvl 37 no problem.

Комментарий от thundashaman soloed as a 44 frost mage. Was really easy even Mogh the Undying was not that hard if you just sheep him and kill his adds. Комментарий от tehMurloc Added the links to your post: Комментарий от shankgank This gave me experience for my lv.

Звезда, Рука и Сердце в WoW

Комментарий от ujay Just killed Mogh and he didnt drop the heart. Комментарий от Enthorn PugnaciousOne, your personal drop rate from your one try has absolutely no bearing on the actual drop rate of this item. How many times did you actually kill the rare spawn, "Burgle Eye," to find out how often it drops?

Saying you killed him once and it dropped and concluding that it has a high drop rate from that one incident is pretty absurd. You may have gotten it on your first kill of Burgle Eye. Someone else could kill him times and never get it. Комментарий от ShesCrafty Whatever Blizzard employee is responsible for making the Kelp droprate from the Oracles so low deserves to be beaten. Комментарий от larssral Most of the time i really really hate Blizzard and all the stupid crap they come up with that you have to put up with!

This is one of thouse Blizzard moments! Am woundering what Blizzard is suffering of? It has got to be something really really bad that you cant cure in any way! If this is Blizzrds idea of having a "Great time at home playing WoW" they can go to hell and burn up there! The perverted mind responsible for this quest and the perverted low droprate for the sea kelp, please go get a strong rope and hang your self and DIE, DIE, DIE!

Then the rest of the world can stop suffering from you, you and how you polluting the rest of the world that we live on! I have been trying for over 4hoers to get my hands on that stupid sea kelp, killing every single mob on all the islands! But do you think i have it yet! Some times i hate Blizzard more then usual!

Комментарий от Eirwen Verrrry tricky as a Level 46 BE Fire Mage. I might have to develop a new strategy for him.

I was able to pick off all but his minion and another guard. Sheeping him sounds like a great idea, since I can probably take out the minion and the other guard during the second sheep period. Комментарий от Etreum The temple where you get the Hand of Dagun is located on an island off far North coast of Dustwallow Marsh. A few steps up the beach and you will be on Northwatch Hold The Barrens.

You can swim to the island from 54,11 on the beach. The temple is at 59,9. To make it easier, you might even ride down South from Ratchet. Just follow the beach.

It took me 2 clears of the island before the kelp dropped for me. The fight with the 43 elite giant was easy, but then again I did it with my 45 fury warrior. Definitely make sure you have cleared the entire area and summon the giant at the temple quick, as the murlock respawn pretty fast. Комментарий от nonameform Soloed this quest as lvl 44 warrior in heirloom items, some random greens and some blue mail drops from instances. On the other hand Mogh the Undying proved to be pretty hard.

After my third try while I was recovering after resurrection, a lonely lvl 48 ally warrior came and attacked Mogh. I decided to help, since he had smaller health pool than me. We barely made it, since we had adds also that warrior did a really bad pull. I did expect him to help me with Mogh also, but he just ran away. Anyway, I was waiting for Mogh to spawn and killing all other respawning trolls, when all of a sudden Mogh spawned behind my back. The best part was that he spawned solo, without a minion.

Комментарий от DELProtolif The Enchanted Sea Kelp took about an hour to drop. Hardest part of this quest, IMO. Комментарий от Thora 23 kills to get the Enchanted Sea Kelp. Комментарий от Deathspasm It took me at least 3 clears of both islands to finally get some enchanted kelp, the drop rate is seroiusly insane, i was lucky that i got it so quick seeing how long others have spent on this quest.

If you enjoy grinds, this is your quest. The objective text is just wrong. Or did they just make a mistake? I saved the Hand of Dagun for last based on all the negative comments regarding its drop rate, but after killing just four Oracles on the island with the altar itself, the Hand dropped. I note that the last negative comment about it was almost a year ago, so Комментарий от Wixman I did this part first to get the "hard" part out of the way. People will probably hate me but I got it on the first kill just now.

Either they upped the drop rate or I got a lucky drop. WOOT LUCKY BEATS GOOD EVERY DAY! Take a waterwalking potion with you and you can go northwest from the island and straight to Ratchet Комментарий от Redhandjane Counts for Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms. Комментарий от Kroyfel The drop rate on that kelp is so bad I got Pendant of Myzrael from the murlocs first.

Звезда, Рука и Сердце

Комментарий от Insanebiz i detest murlocs, i always have rubbish drop rates for any quest items, and this one just took the absolute mickey. Комментарий от WokkaD The "Enchanted Sea Kelp" still drops from the Murlocs in Dustwallow Marsh. This is now vendor trash, despite it being white. You possess great skill, or great fortune, to have gained these relics.

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